Challenge #003 - Duotone Card

- Takes about 3 minutes to complete

Duotone is a lovely effect which we can finally achieve with CSS. Popularised by Spotify: it’s become a very common design treatment on the web, so let’s have some fun and make a set of duotone cards.

This third challenge is free to participate, but the solution to the challenge will be for paying members only, so subscribe to see the upcoming solution.

What you’re building

Demo shows the collection of three cards, headed with "Meet the team". The hover state on the first card shows the duotone effect being removed and a caret revealing itself.

The brief

Take the design assets and re-create these duotone cards whatever front-end technology you want. Consider how the cards work responsively, too. How do they stack, or do they even stack at all? 🤔

Make sure that your challenge solution does the following as a minimum:

  • Uses semantic elements
  • Is usable with mouse, touch and keyboard
  • Presents an acceptable focus state (pro-tip: this should be additional to the hover state)

Bonus points awarded if:

  • You use modern CSS
  • Your solution is lightweight and performant
  • Your solution is fully accessible
  • You create appropriate transitions and/or animations between states


I’ve used Figma to design this challenge and you can run it with a completely free account!

Here’s some assets to get you going:

Here are some CSS Custom Properties for your colours:

:root {
  --color-pink: #faa7ed;
  --color-navy: #0c1f72;
  --color-navy-opaque: rgba(6, 0, 79, 0.77);
  --color-light: #ffffff;
  --color-dark: #252525;


This challenge is for you to learn and if you want to just want keep it to yourself, that’s all good. If you want to share it with the Front-End Challenge Club Community, tweet a publicly accessible link, using the hashtag: #FrontEndChallengesClub or directly to @FEChallengeClub and I’ll pick up and link to my favourites in my solution post.

Wrapping up

Enjoy this challenge and remember: we’re all in this together, so if folks have questions, tweet using the hashtag #FrontEndChallengesClub or tweet directly to @FEChallengeClub.

Only paying members get to see my solution to this challenge, so make sure you subscribe to a paid plan.

See you at the next one 👋

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